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Two Hyundai Vehicles Shine Thanks to Impressive Design

Friday, September 27th, 2019
Blue 2020 Hyundai Sonata on a black background

New Hyundai Vehicles Finalists at 2019 International Design Excellence Awards 

Vehicles can offer all kinds of features, specs or performance. However, when it comes to creating a high-selling vehicle, manufacturers need to focus on creating an attractive design for their vehicles to excite customers. While Hyundai vehicles are often known for their reliable performance and advanced features, many of these models stick out with slick designs. In fact, some of the new Hyundai vehicles were finalists at the 2019 International Design Excellence Awards. 


New 2020 Models Make Appearance in New York

Friday, May 10th, 2019
Side view of a 2020 Hyundai Venue

Hyundai at the 2019 New York International Auto Show 

Auto shows are a wonderful time for car manufacturers, media and drivers, as they often play host to some of the newest vehicles and technologies in the industry. A common sight at shows such as New York International Auto Show, Hyundai returned once again this year with plenty of exciting models and news for attendees. So, let’s take a look at Hyundai at the 2019 New York International Auto Show. 


New Sonata Showcases New Features at NYIAS

Friday, May 10th, 2019
Side view of a red 2020 Hyundai Sonata

Debut of the 2020 Hyundai Sonata 

While a new year sometimes brings new vehicles or features, many drivers often know exactly what kind of cars they like and are excited for the newest iterations of their favorites. The long wait is just about over, as Hyundai showcased one of their most popular sedans in New York with the North American debut of the 2020 Hyundai Sonata at the New York International Auto Show. Let’s take a look at the first details of the new sedan! 


Photo Gallery of Exterior Colors Available with Upcoming Sonata

Monday, May 6th, 2019
Side view of a blue 2020 Hyundai Sonata

Color Options for the 2020 Hyundai Sonata 

With such a successful 2018 and 2019 so far, Hyundai fans are so excited to see what’s around the corner from the manufacturer. While no 2020 Hyundai models have been released as of now, fans are still excited about the newest iteration of their favorite models, especially the new Sonata. That’s why we wanted to take a look at the available color options for the 2020 Hyundai Sonata to help drivers get a good look at the new sedan.


What premium audio system does the 2020 Hyundai Sonata have?

Tuesday, April 30th, 2019
2020 Hyundai Sonata tan leather interior

New Bose Premium Sound System in the 2020 Hyundai Sonata

Have you heard about the new Bose premium sound system in the 2020 Hyundai Sonata? This new sound system will be available on the SEL and the SEL Plus. It will also come standard on the top Limited trim. We have all the details on what this sound system contains. We will also talk about why this collaboration between Hyundai and Bose is so important. (more…)

Hyundai Motor’s All-New Sonata 1.6 Turbo and N Performance Parts

Monday, April 15th, 2019
2020 Hyundai Sonata gray side view

Hyundai Sonata 1.6 Turbo specs and information

The 2020 Hyundai Sonata is shaping up to be a very exciting Hyundai model. We are getting more and more details all the time, and now we know a little more about the 1.6-liter turbo engine option. Learn what we know as we go through the Hyundai Sonata 1.6 Turbo specs and information. We will also take a look at the N Performance parts that debuted alongside this information on this engine. (more…)

Sonata Recognized for Impressive Design and Features

Friday, February 15th, 2019
White 2019 Hyundai Sonata parked in driveway

Hyundai Sonata Earned Most for Your Money Award from Readers’ Choice Awards  

Whenever drivers are searching for a new vehicle, their purchase often always comes down to fitting a budget. While not breaking the bank, drivers often want the best value for their money with whichever vehicle they choose. In order to help drivers make these tough decisions, plenty of prestigious awards are given out to various vehicles for their great value, performance, design and much more. Recently, the Hyundai Sonata earned the Most for Your Money award from Readers’ Choice Awards. Let’s take a look at why! 


Hyundai Gives Mid-Model Year Sonata New Features and Enhancements

Thursday, June 21st, 2018
Side view of a white 2018 Hyundai Sonata

What’s Included in the New Hyundai Sonata + Edition Vehicles? 

The Sonata has been one of the most popular Hyundai vehicles for years now. Offering a perfect balance of great affordability with impressive features and performance, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. However, that doesn’t stop the manufacturer continuing to expand and innovate when it comes to the sedan. Finding a way to improve open the widely available 2018 Sonata, what’s included in the new Hyundai Sonata + Edition vehicles? 


Hyundai Showcases the Future with Eco-Friendly Models at CAS

Friday, March 16th, 2018
Silver 2018 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid parked near grey wall

New Hyundai Vehicles at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show 

Many auto manufacturers have been busy these past few months with so many auto and tech shows taking place to kick off 2018. One of the most recent and popular events was the Chicago Auto Show, and Hyundai sure had a few surprises for those attending the events. Read on and we’ll take a look at some of the new Hyundai vehicles at the 2018 Chicago Auto Show. 


Check out This Photo Gallery of Available Colors the new Sonata Comes in

Tuesday, October 10th, 2017
Color Options for the 2018 Hyundai Sonata

Color Options for the 2018 Hyundai Sonata 

Of all the new 2018 model year sedans to be released this year, not many are as customizable as the new 2018 Hyundai Sonata. While the 2017 Sonata was already a popular model among drivers, the 2018 sedan underwent a complete redesign to help the vehicle truly shine. However, before going out to get behind the wheel of the all-new sedan, let’s take a look at the available color options for the 2018 Hyundai Sonata. 


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