Check rear seats alert on Hyundai instrument panel

New Safety Technologies to Come Standard in 2022

Future Safety Features in Hyundai Vehicles 

With each new model year, vehicles are equipped with more and more technologies and features. While many of the most popular features such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto make each trip more fun and easier than ever, there are plenty of exciting new safety technologies available now and coming soon. Since safety is always the number one priority, we wanted to highlight some of the future safety features in Hyundai vehicles. 

Check rear seats alert in Hyundai vehicleHyundai Rear Occupant Alert Door-Logic System 

One of the newer innovations in the safety side of things has been rear passenger alerts, reminding drivers to double-check their back seat for young children or even pets to make sure they’re not sitting in an unoccupied car for too long. 

In fact, Hyundai’s Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) door-logic system has already been implemented as standard equipment in both the 2020 Santa Fe and Palisade, with the optional Ultrasonic Rear Occupant Alert system, or even a similar sensor-based system available with models in the future. 

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However, Hyundai wants to expand this technology to make it standard on all of its vehicles by 2022. This technology will hopefully protect children and pets from heatstroke or other issues that could arise from being in a hot car for too long. 

“Heatstroke in vehicles is preventable and we are doing our part to prevent this. We have great systems that use both door logic memory and motion sensors to help prevent children and pets from being forgotten in the car, but it also helps in case children accidentally lock themselves in.” 

Mike O’Brien, vice president, Product, Corporate and Digital Planning, Hyundai Motor America 

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