Side view of a silver Hyundai Accent

See How Easy it is to Connect Your Car to Google Assistant

How do Hyundai Vehicles Work with Google Assistant? 

Technology is as prevalent as ever in the automotive industry. Outside of just seeing the most exciting new features inside our vehicles, we’re seeing tools we use in our everyday lives connect with our vehicles. In fact, many drivers have been able to take some control over their vehicles remotely with the Google Assistant. So, how do Hyundai vehicles work with Google Assistant? 

Hey Google start my car text on Hyundai adIn order to make controlling a Hyundai vehicle even easier with their Google Assistant technology, as they have recently previewed a new way of connecting to a vehicle by pairing with Hyundai’s Blue Link technology. This new connectivity uses a Google Assistant-capable speaker, Smart Display or smartphone to connect to their car. 

What this means is that drivers will be able to set their car’s temperature, lock or unlock their doors, start their car and much more without having to get up. 

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Voice Commands with Google Assistant

But it gets even easier than it sounds, as before, people would have to go through multiple steps just for these simple commands. Now, just after linking your vehicle with the Google Assistant, drivers only have to say phrases such as, “Hey Google, start my car,” or “Hey Google, are my car doors locked?” instead of going through the Google Assistant to go through Hyundai Blue Link. In fact, with the updated Google Assistant compatibility with Hyundai vehicles, all “Ask Blue Link” voice commands are unnecessary. 

“Anytime we can make features better and easier to use for our customers we are going to do itFrom being able to double check that their car doors are locked as they walk into a movie theater, or remote start their Sonata on a cold winter day using their Google Assistant device, we’re excited to bring even more helpfulness to our customers.” 

Manish Mehrotra, director, digital business planning and connected operations, Hyundai Motor America 

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