How to Sync your Garage Door to Your Hyundai Sonata’s HomeLink

One of the coolest extra features on your new Hyundai Sonata is the HomeLink feature, which turns your vehicle into a wireless control system that allows you to activate and deactivate your home’s security system, turn on or off appliances or electronics in your house, and open and close your garage door and front gate. Check out our steps below to sync your Hyundai Sonanta’s HomeLink to your garage door and never search for that pesky garage button again!

Program your HomeLink to your garage door

Program your Garage Door to your HomeLink

  1. For first-time programming, press and hold the Channel 1 and Channel 3 buttons until the indicator light begins to flash
  2. Position the end of your hand-held garage door transmitter 1-3 inches away from the HomeLink button you wish to program.
  3. Using both hands, simultaneously press and hold both the desired HomeLink button and hand-held garage door button.
  4. DO NOT release until the HomeLink indicator light flashes slowly and then rapidly.
  5. Firmly press, hold (for 5 seconds) and release the programmed HomeLink® button up
  6. Repeat step 5 up to two separate times to activate the door.
  7. Press and hold the just-trained HomeLink® button and observe the indicator light. If the indicator light stays on constantly, programming is complete and your garage door is now synced with HomeLink.
  8. If the indicator light blinks rapidly for 2 seconds and then turns to a constant light, please see visit BlueLink’s webiste to learn how to program your garage door opener receiver to HomeLink.

To learn more about what your BlueLink can do, check out your Hyundai’s manual or visit Hyundai’s BlueLink informational page. Want to see Hyundai technology in action? Set up a test drive with us here at Apple Valley Hyundai today!