Hyundai Commercial Truck Concept

Changes may be coming in the commercial truck market!

Hyundai revealed a new commercial truck concept

Do you remember when you were a kid, and you saw a semi-truck going past how you would pump your arm to get the semi-driver to honk his horn? Semi-trucks used to look a lot alike. Recently, Hyundai revealed a new commercial truck concept. Hyundai would add this truck to its fuel cell electric vehicle line up. It does not quite look like the semi-trucks that are currently on the road. Keep reading to learn more!

Hyundai HDC-6 NEPTUNE ConceptWhat is the Hyundai HDC-6 NEPTUNE Concept?

The HDC-6 NEPTUNE Concept is a Class 8 heavy-duty truck. It is the first hydrogen-only commercial truck concept vehicle released by Hyundai. The design of this truck was inspired by streamliner railways that use to run in the mid-’30s through the late ’50s. It is very futuristic and full of technology features.

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Why produce the HDC-6 NEPTUNE?

Hyundai is dedicated to working towards manufacturing vehicles that are zero-emission and doing their part in lessening carbon emissions. In looking towards the future, this truck is a great option for truck drivers because of the long distances that these trucks travel, the fact that these vehicles do not need to fuel as often, and that they will cost less.

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Hyundai Reveals Commercial Truck and Trailer ConceptThe Hyundai Translead Nitro ThermoTech® Concept

In addition to releasing the commercial truck, Hyundai also released a concept trailer that would be used for transporting cold items. The temperatures in the trailer get cooler quicker, are better maintained, and the trailer is more efficient overall.

The trailer is one piece and made from Fiber Reinforced Polymer skins. There are no roof bows and no posts. This helps keep the weight of the trailer down.

This truck and trailer sure are fascinating! While these are only concept vehicles at this time, it is fun to think about how vehicles are always changing. We are not sure at this time if or when this vehicle will make its debut on the road. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

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