Inside look at the Hyundai FIFA World Football Museum

Hyundai Sponsored Museum Helps Promote Women’s Soccer

What is the Hyundai FIFA World Football Museum? 

Another World Cup is in the books and once again, the United States Women’s National Soccer Team captured the trophy, winning it for the fourth time in history. With Hyundai being one of the sponsors for the tournament, they wanted to help shine a spotlight on the game with various exhibits in France, where this year’s World Cup was. So, what is the Hyundai FIFA World Football Museum? 

People visiting the Hyundai FIFA World Football MuseumMemorabilia in the FIFA World Football Museum 

The Hyundai FIFA World Football Museum was a temporary museum located at Nelson Mandela Park in Les Halles, France. This museum focused on putting the history of women’s soccer in a global spotlight to further encourage the growth of the sport with women. In fact, this museum displayed and showcased unique women’s soccer stories, histories, biographies and memorabilia for residents from June 15 through July 7.  

The exhibit in Les Halles was split into three parts: the history of women’s soccer before the first official Women’s World Cup in 1991, the history of Women’s World Cup tournaments from 1991-2015 and of course the latest 2019 tournament. 

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“Throughout the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019, Hyundai Motor has incorporated its long-held support for women’s dignity and equal rights into the ‘True Passion’ campaign. We believe that the passion for football and automobiles goes hand in hand, as both realms aim for liberty, excitement, creativity, beauty and perfection.” 

Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor 

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