Fall is an excellent time of year! The weather is crisper, coffee shops are filled with all things pumpkin spice, and its time to get some maintenance done on your Hyundai before winter. Okay, no one likes to think about taking their car to the vehicle, especially when there is so much fall foliage to explore, but getting the small things done on your Hyundai can prevent you from having more significant problems in the winter. Hyundai's are outstanding vehicles, which is why they come with America's Best Warranty. Though even the best cars need to be appropriately cared for, get your Hyundai serviced this fall by doing the following tips.

Get Your Oil Changed

The most important thing you can do for your Hyundai is to get your vehicle's oil changed regularly. The chemicals in oil can collect debris and deteriorate over time, and the oil and the oil filter need to be changed to keep your engine running correctly. Oil changes also allow you to review your Hyundai's other systems. While you're getting your oil changed, you should also check your fluid levels, the breaks, and all other components to make sure they are working correctly. If you don't know how often you should change your oil consult the owner's manual. Here at Apple Valley Hyundai, we are here to help you with changing your oil and fluids to keep your Hyundai running smoothly.

Get Recommended Service

Getting your oil changed may be an essential part of your Hyundai's maintenance, but it's not the only important one. Make sure that you are following all your required and recommended services that are suggested by Hyundai as no one knows your car better than the company that made it. Having services done when they're suggested will help to prevent major repairs and breakdowns, both of which are more expensive than the preventatives services.

Wash Your Car

Washing your Hyundai isn't only about making it look good. During the fall months, things like leaves and dirt can cause deterioration if you fail to wash your vehicle. To minimize the damage caused by these hazards, take your Hyundai to the car wash regularly, especially before winter. After going down a dirt road or getting back from road trips are good times to give your Hyundai a thorough cleaning.

Check Your Tire Pressure

Hyundai equips its new vehicles with a tire pressure monitoring system, which automatically monitors your tires. Should any of your tires drop below its needed air pressure, the system will notify the driver via an on-dash warning. If this warning light turns on, you should take it seriously. Driving on a soft tire can cause wear on the sidewalls, compromise handling, and can lead to a flat or blown tire. Have your tire pressure checked and adjusted as soon as possible.

Here at Apple Valley Hyundai, we are here to assist you with all your fall maintenance needs. You can schedule an oil change and fluid change with one of our highly trained technicians, and while you here get your tires checked as well! You head down to the dealership, or you can schedule an appointment here on our website. Were here to help get your Hyundai in top shape before the winter hits!

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