Word on the street is Hyundai has introduced an all-new vehicle to its SUV lineup! This new SUV is the 2020 Hyundai Venue, which packs a punch with modern styling, bold design, advanced technologies, and impressive safety. The Venue is also going to be the most affordable SUV in Hyundai’s lineup, which means it’s perfect for anyone that is looking for the best value around. The character of the Venue is where it truly signs, especially from the rest of the competition. You’ll love just simply looking at your new SUV, let alone actually getting inside and enjoying the comfort that awaits you. To learn more about what you can expect to find with this SUV, continue reading down below!


What are some of the available advanced safety technologies?

When it comes to safety, you can count on the 2020 Venue. This SUV comes with a long list of technologies that are sure to help keep you and your passengers safe. They include Drive Modes, which even offers a snow mode to improve FWD. You’ll also find Rear Collision Cross-Traffic Warning, which is sure to help detect whenever a vehicle has entered the rearward path. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist is important, and it uses the car’s front-facing camera to detect imminent collisions to help avoid impacts or even minimize damage. You’ll be able to enjoy the perks of Lane Keeping Assist, which prevents accidental lane departure by checking out the road markings and even steering the car if it is deemed necessary. Last, but certainly not least, is Blind-Spot Collision Warning, which detects approaching vehicles that may be hard to see while you’re on the highway.


What engine powers the Venue?

Fuel economy and power output are incredibly important, no matter the vehicle that you’re driving. That is why Hyundai has made sure to put nothing but the best under the hood of the 2020 Venue. This SUV comes with a Smartstream Gamma 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine. Paired with this engine is either a six-speed manual transmission or even an Intelligent Variable Transmission automatic. Early estimates show that it can deliver up to 33 mpg combined! The reason why this engine is so impressive is thanks to the High Ignition Energy EGR system, the Integrated Thermal Management System, Dual Port Fuel Injection, Cooling System Optimization, Maximized Thermal Efficiency, and a High Tumblr Combustion System.


Why the name Venue?

Naming is an important part of every new car. Without the perfect name, people aren’t going to give the car a second glance. Venue was seen as the perfect name thanks to the fact that a Venue is a ‘place’ that people might want to be seen in. Hyundai has created an SUV where everyone wants to be, which can be best described as trendy, relaxing, and perfectly sized. This is truly the best vehicle for any first-time vehicle owners, especially with all of the protections that are inside. So be in the trendiest place you can imagine--the 2020 Hyundai Venue.


Step inside a new Hyundai today by checking out our full online inventory! No matter the kind of car you’re looking for, every Hyundai is worthy of being the new hip spot to hang out in. Buy yourself a car that cares about style as much as it does safety.


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