Tips and Tricks for Traveling with Toddlers


Traveling with toddlers can be tricky. To be honest, doing much of anything with toddlers can be tricky. So when you are getting ready to hit the road for a vacation or a road trip, sometimes you need to get creative to keep your little one a happy traveler.

  • If your stroller is taking up way too much space in the back of your SUV or minivan, try this hack. Grab a bungee cord and attach it to the back seat headrest. Then stand up the stroller and attach the bungee cord to the stroller. It will stay secure, take up less space, and will be easy to get in and out of your car.
  • If your toddlers want a snack in the car you can get a bit creative with yogurt tubes or applesauce cups. Simply pop a start into the tube or cup and let your kids “drink” their snack.
  • Toddlers are messy and you often need to change their clothes. Store extra outfits in small ziplock bags. You can fit an entire outfit in each small bag. Store them in the car for quick changes and toss the dirty clothes into the bag.
  • Stash toys in small container that you can situate next to your toddler’s car seat. This way they can reach down and grab all of the toys they want while you drive. This hack will hopefully keep them entertained on long and short car trips.
  • If you are traveling with your toddler and an older child, keep the volume for their movies down by purchasing a headphone splitter. This way both kids can watch and listen to the movie but you don’t have to hear the movie.
  • If you have a long road trip planned, try traveling during nap time or even at night. This way you toddler can snooze while you drive. When they wake up, you’ll be closer to your destination.
  • Hit up the dollar store before you travel. With tons of inexpensive toys that will help keep your toddler entertained and happy while you travel.  
  • If your toddler needs a space to draw or play with their toys, an inexpensive baking sheet will do the trick. It’s easy to store and your toddler can create a work and play space right on their lap.


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