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The Hyundai Nexo - Powered By Fuel Cell

Brought to you by Apple Valley Hyundai, Winchester, VA


The Hyundai Nexo is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered SUV that was revealed January 8, 2018 at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. Replacing the Hyundai Tucson FCEV hydrogen car, the Nexo is the current flagship for Hyundai's eco-car portfolio. Although the folks at Apple Valley Hyundai, Winchester, VA explain that the Nexo is a specialty car, it is an important one and represents one of the 18 new eco-friendly cars that Hyundai plans to introduce by 2025.

What's the deal with hydrogen power?

The promise of large quantities of hydrogen-powered automobiles on the road has been talked about for decades. The idea behind the technology is simple. A hydrogen car is an electric car but instead of storing electricity in a battery, it “makes it as you go.” The key component in this magic is a fuel cell. With a fuel cell, hydrogen, which is stored as a highly-compressed gas, is combined with oxygen and this generates electricity in the cell. After that, the drive train is similar to other electric cars: electricity is used to power an electric motor which turns the wheels. For environmentalists, the exciting part of fuel cell technology is that the byproduct of the process is just water. No other noxious gases are emitted; It’s a very clean process.

Where in the country are filling staions?

In short, there simply aren’t a lot of places to fill up your fuel cell car with compressed hydrogen. In fact, the Department of Energy lists fewer than 40 public hydrogen fueling stations in the whole country. And, every one is in California mostly around Los Angeles, with a few in the San Francisco Bay Area. Just for comparison, California has over 15,000 EV charging spots and over 10,000 gas stations.

What about the costs involved?

The Nexo is an expensive car (retail approximately $58,300) but you need to take a look at the net costs when you do an analysis. Let’s take a look. First, Hyundai is offering incentives to try out the hydrogen-powered Nexo, although these promotions may end at some point. If you lease one, some dealers are offering three years of free fuel with a cap of up to $13,000. In addition, the government is presently offering a $7,500 tax credit. And, if you live in California, you may be eligible for an additional $5,000 from the state. If you add all these promotions and discounts up, you may be able to knock some $25,000 of the retail price of a new Nexo.

Great, but how is it as a car?

The Nexo is a luxury SUV, and Hyundai pulled out all the stops. Test drivers have reported that it offers an extraordinarily comfy, quiet ride and rapid acceleration (as all EVs do.) Inside it has a large infotainment screen that supports AppleCarPlay, a luxury interior, and it has most of the safety and convenience features that are found in other high-end luxury cars. 

Want to learn more about the eco-friendly cars? Visit Apple Valley Hyundai in Winchester, VA

The staff at Apple Valley Hyundai in Winchester, VA are versed in the eco-friendly cars because Hyundai manufactures a number of them. If an eco-friendly lifestyle interests you, the staff at Apple Valley Hyundai may suggest the Hyundai Ioniq. The Ioniq is the first eco-car to be offered in hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric variants, and has become a very popular model.